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Bonsai Rosemary (Rosmarinum Officinalis) Very Old Age Han Kengai Style
  • Bonsai Rosemary (Rosmarinum Officinalis) Very Old Age Han Kengai Style

    Imposing and unique Rosemary (Rosmarinum Officinalis) of very advanced age (approximately between 60 and 70 years of age) with years of training in Han Kengai style (Semi Cascade) on a beautiful Kurama made to measure. Exemplary that denotes its character and age through its bark and dead wood that over the years has been forming, thus achieving an irreplaceable sculpture. Specimen with a beautiful flowering and delicious aroma, in addition to being used for multiple medical uses. A real work of living art.

    Dimensions: 130 cm wide x 105 cm deep x 123 cm high


      We make shipments throughout the country, through special packaging systems according to the size of the specimen or source (either in a wooden crate or Styrofoam box, additional investment at the cost of the tree) made entirely to measure to guarantee maximum protection and integrity. and preserve the humidity of it, while it arrives at your home. The cost of shipping freight is assumed by the customer and will be  cancelado contradelivery.

      Said Packaging System is used ONLY for shipments outside of Bogota, Chia, Cota, Cajica, Tenjo, Tabio, Funza, Mosquera, Sopo.


      We receive all available payment methods (Bancolombia Transfer or Davivienda, Daviplata or Nequi) as well as for deliveries in Bogotá or Surroundings payment in Cash Against Delivery.

      We receive payments with Debit and Credit Card.

    PriceFrom $16,550,900.00

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