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Bonsai Ficus Green Emerald Shohin Format Imported Pot
  • Bonsai Ficus Green Emerald Shohin Format Imported Pot

    Beautiful Ficus Microcarpa Variety Green Emerald with more than 2 years of training on a beautiful Imported Author Pot. Exemplary of very simple care and easy maintenance that adapts to Interiors with good light entry or exteriors without problem. Enjoy its beauty and vivid colors in a size that does not exceed 22 cm high.




      We ship throughout the country, through special packaging systems according to the size of the specimen, source or pot (whether in a wooden crate or styrofoam box, additional investment at the cost of the tree) made entirely to measure to guarantee maximum protection and integrity and to preserve its humidity while it arrives at your home. The cost of shipping freight is borne by the customer and will be paid upon delivery.


      We receive all available payment methods (Bancolombia Transfer or Davivienda, Daviplata or Nequi) as well as for deliveries in Armenia and Pereira or Surroundings payment in Cash Against Delivery.

      We receive Debit and Credit Card Payments.

    PriceFrom $685,900.00

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